SETFC Bylaws

Guidelines and Organization of the Southeast TREK Fun Club

Approved by Members, May 17, 2007


1. Name and Organization

a. The name of this organization will be the Southeast TREK Fun Club (SETFC), which

was organized in February 2000 during the Safari Homecoming in Orlando FL

2. Purpose

a. Promote fellowship among FMCA TREK owners.

3. Membership

a. The term member is defined herein as resident(s) of a motor coach with a current

membership in the FMCA.

b. Members shall be owners of a TREK. Previous owners of a TREK may continue their

membership in the club regardless of the brand of motor home.

4. Dues

a. The annual dues for membership in this club will be $5 or as otherwise established by the

membership. Dues from new applicants received in the last three months of the calendar

year will be regarded as covering the next calendar year. Renewal dues become due and

payable at the beginning of each calendar year. Any member whose dues remain in

arrears for three months will have forfeited membership in the club.

5. Membership Meetings

a. There will be at least one (1) general club membership meeting each year, normally held

at the winter rally or soon thereafter. A business meeting may be held at this time for

nomination and election of club officers.

6. Voting

a. Each adult resident of a member coach shall have one vote. At any club meeting, a simple

majority vote of members in good standing will be required to approve or disapprove any

matter on which a vote is taken. Members must be present to be eligible to vote.

7. Rally Fees

a. Rally fees will be paid to the rally host with registration. Excess rally fees will go to the

club treasury.

8. Club Officers

a. The club will have a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary/Treasurer.

b. The President will preside at all membership meetings.

c. The President will notify the National Fun Club of scheduled rallies for liability coverage

under FMCA.

d. In the absence of the President, the Vice President (VP) will perform the duties of the

President. The VP will also act as the club rally coordinator and will secure hosts for the

rallies. The VP, if needed, may assist in securing rally sites and in planning rally


e. The Secretary will record proceedings of all meetings of the club. The minutes, less

financial information, will be posted on the SETFC web site. Minutes will be included

with the Newsletter and mailed to those members without internet access.

f. The Treasurer will receive and keep a record of all money due the club, and pay out such

money for the club as authorized by the President and/or Vice President.

1) Audit – the President will appoint a committee of at least two members to audit the

records of the treasurer at the annual general meeting or as soon thereafter as


2) Report – the Treasurer will report the fiscal status of the club at each annual meeting.

The Treasurer will also keep and maintain a list of all club members in good standing

and issue this list to all members annually.

g. Newsletter. A newsletter editor will be appointed by the President to serve at the

President’s discretion. The newsletter will be posted on the SETFC web site and mailed

to those members without internet access. These mailings will be paid for by the treasury

h. Web Master. A webmaster will be appointed by the President. The club’s website is an

essential tool for carrying out the purpose of the club. The club’s website costs will be

paid from the treasury.

9. Duration of Officer Terms

a. The term of the club officers will be for one calendar year.

b. The club officers are eligible to serve two (2) consecutive one (1) year terms in office.

c. The Secretary/Treasurer may volunteer for multiple consecutive terms of office.